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Licence offer overview

  • The valid licence take the restrictions out of the template. You could calculate all values.
  • The license is defined by the user’s email address and the license key.
  • You rent the license key for a period of one year.
  • After one year you can renew the license key.
  • You pay 49 € + 19% VAT / user / module / year.
  • You can order online via our partner mycommerce.
  • If your company is in the european union and does not allow online ordering, has special billing terms, would like to pay by invoice, or you would like to clarify other details directly, please contact us directly by email

Instructions to install and use the add in


How the licence is structured
licence base

„Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis“ is rented, not sold. The annual rental fee is based on the number of modules and includes usage and all updates.

Our license is user-based. For this reason, each user who wants to use „Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis“ needs a separate licence. The licence is defined by the user’s e-mail address and the licence key.

We send the licence key electronically. By storing the e-mail address and the licence key in the add in, you remove the restriction of the license-free version of the module.

What happens when my „Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis“ licence expires?

The license will be deactivated. Calculations from existing Excel spreadsheets are not changed, but can no longer be modified using the software. If you use the Calculate button, the restrictions of the license-free version will be applied.

As soon as you renew your „Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis“ license, full functionality will be available again.

Why don’t you offer perpetual licenses for the add in?

Our software is tightly integrated into the Microsoft Office environment. For this reason, we can only guarantee compatibility with updates and new versions of Office if new versions of „Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis“ can be delivered to all customers quickly and without economic considerations. A perpetual license is not reasonable, because it would only last on paper anyway due to constant changes of the Office environment of our customers.

durationprice / user / module / year
1 year49 € + 19 % VAT.

The order process
Ordering online

You can order online through our partner via this link. This way you will receive the licenses in a short time. You can pay by bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

Ordering via mail

If your company does not allow online ordering, has special billing terms, or would like to pay by invoice, please contact us directly by email at Under certain circumstances, the sending of the license keys may take a few days.

What are the delivery terms?

Our license key is delivered electronically by e-mail to the main end user and the buyer. This email contains the license key to log in the user. The main end user and the buyer will be asked to forward the email to all end users. The user’s e-mail address and the license key are stored in the add in.

Renew licenses that are about to expire or have already expired

When renewing a license that is about to expire or has already expired, you must purchase a new license key to replace the old one (renewal). Since our license model is essentially an annual rental agreement, renewing licenses is no different from your initial order. The costs are the same.

Templates in different languages

The base of our application are templates. You can download the templates here in different languages. „Sixsigmablackbelt analysis“ is needed for the calculation.

cmk – machine capability calculation

msa1 – measurement system analysis type 1

msa2 – measurement system analysis type 2 (Anova)


What is the purpose of the add in?

The add in enables easy analysis and evaluation of process capability and measurement systems. The Add in offers templates for this purpose, which can be supplemented and modified with your own values. The results are then calculated and displayed in charts.

What does the add in include?

Specifically, in „Sixsigmablackbelt Analysis“ we currently provide you with the templates and calculations for:
– Machine capability
– Measurement system analysis type 1
– Measurement system analysis type 2 (ANOVA)
Further applications are in preparation.
The mentioned procedures are used over all industries / regions and company sizes. Basis of the procedures are the recognized procedures in the automotive sector, from Bosch and the AIAG 4th.

What happens to your data should you stop using the add in?

If you stop using the add in, you will only not be able to perform new calculations. All existing tables and calculations remain available and unchanged. Your tables are thus also usable for all those who do not use the add in.

What is the difference between the calculation with and without license?

Without a license, the number of calculated values in the templates is limited. With a license you can calculate the entire number of values.

Support / contact

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